Founded by Manabu Nagaoka, GreetingCats is an IP management consortium.

Feel free to submit your work, or question to GreetingCats.

Ben Jones of Papar Rad and GreetingCats collaborated on various projects. Keep exploring the site for more projects by Ben Jones.

Watch GreetingCats design and animation by Ben Jones. FLASH required.


MetroCube was created as an experiment to show how 3D environment can be used to deliver information.

Use arrow keys to turn it around, or turn yourself to see it from the angle you like.

Enjoy the spin.

Works only with SAFARI.


Do you have a secret?

Everyone has a secret or two. "secret" was compiled over time based on many stories submitted to GreetingCats.

It is fictionalized for privacy reason and for your reading pleasure. But, like the confession stands in churches, this can be a place for you to submit your secrets and feel good about it.

But, as far as privacy policy goes, once you click that button, it is out there and will be beyond our control. You just have to accept that.

It is up to you.

Send your secret to: GreetingCats.


Have you seen the movie, Social Network"?

GreetingCats had a Facebook account when it was not open to the public. Then, over time, it became popular among cat lovers around the world very unintentionally.

Then, I came out clear and told them that I was not a cat lover, and deleted all the friends.

Now I regret it and I miss my cat loving friends and want them back.

Please check us out at


Manabu Nagaoka Productions, a full service production company, often provides production services for multi-national clients.

Clients include Shiseido, Western Union, AT&T, Parco, among others.

Many featured celebrities like Vincent Gallo, Estella Warren, Mike Tyson, etc.


Or, check out the rare footage featuring some of the celebrities from our DEMO FILMS.


I had the privilege to work with some of the world's greatest photographers including David Lachapelle, Enrique Badulescu, Elaine Constantine, Sheila Metzner, and Ellen Von Unswerth for commercial campaigns for Japanese fashion department store, PARCO, Shiseido, among others.

I found this rare photograph from 1995 campaign for PARCO by Ellen Von Unswerth. What's noteworthy in this photograph is that it features Estella Warren who was discovered by her, and became internationally recognized super model ever since. Watch her rare appearance in the PARCO commercial I produced HERE.

She is one of the girls in bathing suits.


In 1992, an investor approached me with tapes that he said had the FBI's secret recording about Malcolm X and his assassination. He asked me to put it together as a documentary and this video was produced, with additional interview of Malcolm X's brother, and others who were close to him.

The video is no longer sold but can be found time to time on auction sites. The DEMO FILMS has a brief excerpt from the film.

The cover art is also found HERE.


Six renowned filmmakers--Peter Bogdanovich, Jean-Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, Ken Russell and Lina Wertmuller --- each directed hourlong telefilms for a new six-hour TV special distributed worldwide. Called "Momentous Events: Russia in the '90s," the special presented each director's personal vision of life in contemporary Russia. The project is produced by Cecco Films in association with Russian State Television and Radio Co.

I brought Nobuhiko Ohbayashi to the mix and represented the Japanese team in Cannes.

The DEMO FILMS has a brief excerpts from the film.


Todd Lincoln is one of the most talented film directors in Hollywood, who became known to the world with his hilarious short film "Honey Pot".

I worked with him on a music video for a Japanese pop star, Judy and Mary and a short "Leave Luck to Heaven" which went on to get RESFEST recognition among other film awards. The DEMO FILMS has a brief excerpt from the film.


Pac-Man Collection was made possible by collaboration between NAMCO BANDAI GAMES Inc., and Greetings Cats Music, LLC.

Musicians or composers who are interested in collaborating in this series, please contact GreetingCats.

For more info, review and download, ENTER here.

To watch PAC-MAN JAM Music Video by Ben Jones of Paper Rad, watch it on YouTube.


Metropolis is an anime film released in 2001 and loosely based on the 1949 Metropolis manga created by the late Osamu Tezuka, itself a loose adaptation of the famous silent German film of the same name by Fritz Lang. The film had an all star production team including renowned anime director Rintaro, Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo as script writer, and animation by Madhouse Studios.

I arranged the song, "I Can't Top Loving You" by Ray Charles, that was used in the climax. A short exerpt is included in DEMO FILMS.


Produced with Cinque Lee (Spike Lee's younger brother), UR4Given is a feature film about victims of child abuse. very powerful stuff.

Check it out on YouTube. But, be warned. It is very violent.